Boston Musician, Bert Switzer, Releases CD 
Compilation of Music from Last 25 Years

Fall 2002

Media Contact: Bert Switzer

Bert Switzer, a Boston-area drummer who recorded his first record 
and performed his first live gig with renowned avant garde guitarist 
Henry Kaiser, has released a compilation CD of "my best musical 
performances with all the musicians and bands I have played with 
over the last 25 years. The CD (called  Bert Switzer -1977-2002) 
is available at CD BABY ( for $4, plus shipping.

Switzer began playing drums in 1967. Ten years later, he joined one of 
the earliest and wildest punk bands, The Destroyed, who, after being 
spotted by frontman Peter Wolf during a performance at the now-defunct 
Rathskellar, opened for the J. Geils Band in a performance in Maine.

The bulk of the CD is devoted to music from the heydays of The Destroyed 
(   It also contains a couple songs he recorded with
Kaiser as Monster Island, as well as some previously unreleased material. 
More information about Switzer's career and his CD is available at

Switzer stopped playing the drums in 1993 and didn't pick up his 
drumsticks again until December, 2001. "It was unfinished business 
for me," Switzer says. "Musically, there were things I hadn't done that 
I just had to do. I feel I still have something to offer."

As part of his comeback, Switzer worked with Bill T Miller on two new songs, 
one is pure drums and the other has Miller on guitar and bass. Switzer has also
begun working on new songs with Joe D. Jackson, who was lead singer 
of The Destroyed.

"I love working with songwriters and helping them develop their songs.
They bring out the creative aspect of my drumming.  It's where I excel. 
The only reason I play at all is to express that creativity, says Switzer, 
who has no plans to retire from music. "I'm back for good,"  he says.

Note to Media: Bert Switzer is available for interviews.  Many photographs 
are available for use. Examples are available at

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