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BERT SWITZER 1977-2002
Boston Drummer Bert Switzer's First CD an Underground Smash:

Bert Switzer's solo drum track has been selected to appear on MIC STAND Magazine's "This Is Now" Volume 1 CD Compilation

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Northeast Performer
Northeast Performer

CD REVIEW from Northeast Performer Mag

Bert Switzer - 1977 - 2002
Recorded at various places. Produced by various people.

There seems to be something about largely unknown, extremely loud music that just captures the imagination of the American public. Take for example the recent deification of Bert Switzer, the extremely loud and largely unknown Boston drummer. Before, he was a footnote. Part of Henry Kaiser's annotated bibliography, perhaps. Now, with the release of his new compilation, 1977-2002, he's become a superstar of Neil Diamond proportions. Women burst into his dressing room, begging for autographs and a bit of the nasty. You can scarcely walk down Rodeo Drive without seeing studio executives imitating his carefully maintained coiffure. He's showered with praise by the national sporting press. Bert-mania has swept the nation, and I scarcely think we'll ever be the same. If only it were true. Mr. Switzer is certainly deserving of such adulation. He's cobbled together an enviable body of work and this compilation represents an excellent cross-section of it. Therein one will find, most notably, the work of a young Henry Kaiser, whose excellent playing suggests shades of Crazy Backwards Alphabets to come. Second in line are the Destroyed, the great unknown Boston uberpunk band, whose sound can, perhaps, be best described as "Mick Jagger fronting the Stooges with a largely unknown Ginger Baker hittin' the skins." Also included are a few choice cuts from some of Switzer's lesser known musical collaborations, all of which shine brightly when set against the more famous fare, especially the Switzer-Powers Freak-Out version or Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." All in all, its extremely loud, compelling stuff, and more than enough to convert the weary denizen of lo-fi English-language rock'n'roll. Give it a spin, dear reader, and you may just find yourself outside Mr. Switzer's dressing room some night, begging for hair-care tips from the Man Himself. Contact: Reviewer -Jesse Fisk Cravens


CD REVIEW from PUNKtuation

Bert Switzer-1977-2002: This is a neat idea for an album. Switzer compiled all the music and early bands he played in, with everything from solo stuff he did to his first band Monster Island, and also his claim to fame, 70s punk rock band The Destroyed. You will even find a jam session with his buddy Bobby Powers recorded in the eighties, with a cover song of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." This is a fun retrospective album to rummage through and remember the early days of punk rock. - by marc&jen from PUNKtuation

alternative news

Feb 15 - March 14 2002 Issue

Bert Switzer
Boston, MA

A Punkers dream! This recording screams BOSTON PUNK in it's earliest, rawest, most insane form! For those of you who aren't famiiar with Bert Switzer, he is the totaly insane drummer for the long defunct punk band "The Destroyed." They were one of Boston's earliest and wildest punk bands to devasate the local scene. After being spotted by Perter Wolf at a performance at Boston's renowned punk palace "The Rathskeller," The Destroyed were asked to open for the J. Geils Band at a performance in Maine.

This CD has a rather "underground", punk feel about it right from the get go: from the recording quality to the vocals to the power, insanity and noise! This just reminded me how mellow and refined is today compared to the Boston punk of old. This is a collection of material from the hey days of Boston Punk along with a few newer numbers showing Bert is as crazy as ever. With tracks like "Outside Reality," Power," "Animal Disease," "The Rebel," "The Killing," "Out Of The Straight Jacket," and many more this, this release is packed with 19 mind shattering ear bleeding punk tunes that will send any true, hard-core punker into ecstasy. It features material with Bert and The Destroyed, Bill T Miller, Henry Kaiser, Joe Rainbow, Bobby Powers and Monster Island. Awesome release, great packaging, and a sure favorite for hard-core, underground punkers and all those who want to be! - The alternative News

punk planet

CD REVIEW from Punk Planet
Issue #54 - March-April 2003

Bert Switzer

Interesting "solo album" collection by a great Jabbers-sounding '70s punk band The Destroyed. This CD showcases Switzer's amazing drumming and makes some rare Destroyed recordings available (including some fantastic live tracks.) This CD is a wild retro treat. - (AE) punk planet



1977-2002 CD

A collection of diverse tracks featuring the same drummer. The sounds here range from drum solos to soft pop to avant-jazz (courtesy of Monster Island, a band also featuring Henry Kaiser) to Stoogy punk rock (The Destroyed, who would've made a killing if they had only bothered to take the time to record at least a single). Sound quality varies from track to track, with some rawer than others and the occasional drop-out in sound. Overall, the proceedings were relatively painless, and homeboy's a damn fine drummer, but I'm not quite sure the world really needed a ten-minute garage recording of a jam based on Ozzy's "Crazy Train." - Jimmy Alvarado of



Besides being an early punk cohort of then-Bostonian Henry Kaiser, drum man Switzer was a member of the Destroyed and Monster Island, and this CD is about 85% comprised of some low-fi thud from those two bands. While the bands' sounds definitely might have fit in with the 90's Columbus and Siltbreeze camps, they definitely lack those scenes' artfulness. But I like this nonetheless. I think Lester Bangs definitely would have dug the average-Boston-joes-jamming-out- and-not-giving-a-fuck attitude that's well represented here (apparently J. Geils invited the Destroyed to open a 12,000-seat arena show for them only to wind up having the band pelted by bottles and having the plug pulled.) There's a boombox recording of Switzer playing drums in his basement backing up a 13 year old kid on guitar who shreds a lo-fi version of Ozzy's "Crazy Train" that turns into a blazing lo-fi shred-fest that Acid Mothers fans would certainly appreciate. It's nothing as great as unearthed Simply Saucer or Debris, for sure, but again, I dig it.



Opens with a free jazz skronk fest from '02 that will peel the paint off your shoes, but the real heart of this survey of projects on which Switzer drummed is the insane stuff recorded by Boston's The Destroyed between 1977-79. Snot-nosed Stoogey grunt and whine veering into punk territory. The disc is available at a very fair price from, or directly from the artist.

comics galore issue

Switzer is a New England punk drummer from the obscure, but impressive, 70s band The Destroyed, who apparently produced some unique, ambitious, raw Rock-ish underground music from '77-'79, from whence 90 percent of this career retrospective is culled. The collection is bookended by two solo drum excursions, which are better than you would imagine, but when you take into consideration the noise/fucked/ up/oddball collaborations with Henry Kaiser on this you can imagine non-Bonhan drum solo work. The best thing on here, however (worth the very low price of the CD, $4 from the website) is the totally fucked art-noise-whatever take on Ozzy's "Crazy Train" done in 1985 that is both reverently faithful and twistedly experimental. You should probably get this CD.


CD REVIEW from Indieville WebZine

Bert Switzer - 1977-2002 is a retrospective of drummer Bert Switzer's performances from the late seventies, with a few tunes from 1985 and 2002. The material is mostly punk (13 of the 19 tracks are live recordings of Switzer's infamous seventies outfit The Destroyed), and the most notable songs are undoubtedly those from the seventies. The Destroyed never released any music on record, and never even entered a studio, so these rare live recordings will be really valuable to fans of old punk. Also notable is a terribly recorded version of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" from 1985, featuring 13-year-old Bobby Powers on electric guitar. It is an interesting item with a bit of novelty value, although some people might be tempted to skip over its ten minute duration. A neat Joe Rainbow recording is also put in for good measure, adding a bit of folky rock to the mix.

As mentioned before, the best part of this disc is The Destroyed material. The lo-fi recording perfectly captures the attitude of the band at the time; they casually blend melodic hooks with explosive guitars and primitive noise. One of their best tracks is "Power," which sounds very Stooges influenced ("Raw Power"?); it makes you wish that were there to witness them live. "The Ocean" is also remarkably fun, packed with terrific melody and pure punk energy. Good mixtape material. Two Monster Island tracks are also worth lending an ear to.

All in all, there's lots of good music on this disc, and fans of old punk are bound to find much to enjoy here.

Matt Shimmer - indieville

[Vitals: 19 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2003]


CD REVIEW from Zeitgeist WebZine

BERT SWITZER - 1977 - 2002

Bert Switzer has compiled a pile of music from his early bands from his first band Monster Island through underground heroes The Destroyed with some solo material including the worst ever version Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." Ever.

Of course, this CD is not aimed at me, it's firmly aimed at the punk is dead brigade, who will foam (even more) at the mouth when they hear the raw brutality of one of Boston's earliest and wildest punk bands, The Destroyed. And that material is the real selling point of this ceedee. For there is an inherent nihilistic feel to the lofi recordings that almost make me want to erase the dead punk tattoo from my arm.

Tracks like "Outside Reality", "Animal Disease" and "The Killing" will have the mohawk brigade blowing their wad (of money). With some anecdotal sleeve notes and archival photos, it's a cool package for those who remember what punk was supposed to be.

And anyone who rights press along the lines of "Women burst into his dressing room, begging for autographs and a bit of the nasty. You can scarcely walk down Rodeo Drive without seeing studio executives imitating his carefully maintained coiffure. He's showered with praise by the national sporting press. Bert-mania has swept the nation, and I scarcely think we'll ever be the same."

Go for it!

100 punks zine

kinda musik

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